Will King


I'm Will, and I'm an ecommerce and digital marketing based in the Midlands.

You can find me at Shopify Plus agency Eastside Co in my role as Strategy Director. I've been at Eastside for 4 years and previously headed up the SEO team as SEO Director. My job is to help our Shopify clients build and execute successful ecommerce strategies.

This website is a sandbox where I experiment with various technologies. At the moment the front-end's built on next.js with my blog content pulled in from Sanity CMS. This site was pretty much an excuse to learn how to build a site using a JamStack setup.

Blog Posts

  • Welcome To My First Next.js Website

    Like most people who work in online marketing, my go-to platform when setting up a website has always been WordPress. I decided to use my new personal blog as an excuse to try out Jamstack.